Lunch With League Pricing

We have been pleased to hold our Lunch with League events at Palermo Restaurant.  In September 2019 we renegotiated our agreement with them and have been paying them a higher price than the $20 we took in.  The additional funds came from a surplus accumulated over the years.  

We are paying Palermo more for each luncheon and they are adding the following:

  • Valet parking

  • Gelato (spumoni or vanilla)!!!

From the money we take in, we also pay for the speaker's luncheon, PayPal fees, and other small production costs.  Our goal is to take in enough to cover all costs of each Lunch with League event without having to supplement with funds from our general account.  If we take in more, we will either offer more services for Lunch with League, or transfer to our general account to be used by other worthy projects.  

Starting in January 2020, we are charging $25 instead of $20 for each luncheon.  If you have any questions, please contact our President.  

See our League Events page for upcoming Lunches

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