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Candidates and Candidates Forums

See below for campaign finance and other information about candidates on your ballot.  


What is a Candidates Forum?

We invite ALL candidates on the ballot for a contest to answer questions and give statements before the public.  Each candidate will have the same amount of time to speak.  Most of our forums are now online.

How will it help me decide my vote?

  • You can watch and listen to candidates address issues in more than just a brief sound bite.

  • You can submit questions to be asked of all candidates.

  • You may choose between candidates based on direct observations.

  • You become engaged in the political process.

What should I consider while viewing?

We suggest you watch and listen with these ideas in mind:

  • Think ahead and decide which issues are most import to you.

  • Is the candidate answering the question?  Pay attention to HOW the candidate answers the questions.  Are they specific? Sincere? Knowledgeable?  

  • Based on the candidate's responses:  Do they reflect your values?  Does he or she support the priorities and issues that you care about?

  • We ask all candidates to agree to these rules.

See also Pros & Cons to learn about Proposition 1.

Candidates Forums for the March 5, 2024 Election


Some past forums are available online!

  • US Congress District 16Candidates: Joby B Bernstein, Peter Dixon, Rishi Kumar, Sam Liccardo, Evan Low, Julie Lythcott-Haims, Ahmed Mostafa, Peter Ohtaki, Karl Ryan, Joe Simitian, and Greg Lin Tanaka.  This seat is currently held by Anna Eshoo.  Hosted by LWV Palo Alto.  See also San Jose Spotlight's questionnaire.

  • CA State Assembly District 13Candidates: Josh Becker, Alexander Glew, and Christina Laskowski. This seat is currently held by Josh Becker. Hosted by LWV Southwest Santa Clara Valley. 

  • CA State Assembly District 17Candidates: Anita Chen, Joe Dehn, Ro Khanna, Mario Art Ramirez, and Ritesh Tandon.  This seat is currently held by Ro Khanna, who could not attend.  Hosted by: LWV Cupertino/Sunnyvale.  

  • CA State Assembly District 23.  Candidates: Marc Berman, Lydia Kou, Allan Marson and Gus Mattammal. This seat is currently held by Marc Berman. have agreed to participate.  Hosted by LWV Los Altos/Mountain View.

  • CA State Assembly District 26.  Candidates: Patrick Ahrens, Omar Din, Ashish Garg, Bob Goodwyn, Sophie Yan Song, and Tara Sreekrishnan.  This seat is currently held by Evan Low. Presented by Livable Sunnyvale (not a League of Women Voters event).

  • SCC Board of Supervisors District 5.  Candidates: Margaret Abe-Koga, Barry Chang, Peter C. Fung, Sally J. Lieber, and Sandy Sans.  This seat is currently held by Joe Simitian. Hosted by LWV Southwest Santa Clara Valley.

  • SCC: Judge of the Superior Court, Office 5.  Candidates: Jay Boyarsky, Nicole W Ford, and Johnene Linda Stebbins. Hosted by: LWV Southwest Santa Clara Valley.

More Information


See campaign finance information for state-level candidates.  For more contests, see "Follow the Money" from San Jose Spotlight.  

For San Jose City contests, see 2024 campaign ads.

What about party committees on your ballot?  Some parties ask voters to choose members of the committee who support their party on a local level. We have found three party websites for Santa Clara County that might help you see what they do:  Democratic, Republican, and Green. If you find another, let us know..   

March 2024

Request a Candidates Forum?

The League of Women Voters San Jose/Santa Clara partners with local neighborhood associations, cities, parent organizations, and diverse community groups to sponsor Candidates Forums. If your organization would like to work with us to produce a Forum, please ask us starting about 3 months before election day.

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