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Volunteer Opportunitites

The League is a strong volunteer organization with many
opportunities for its members to help make a difference
in our democracy.  

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Voter Registration.  Especially when our Covid-19 days are over, we often attend large public events and interact with people encouraging them to register to vote. 

  •   Our voter information web site is not magic!  We need people to contact candidates to encourage them to enter data about themselves and answer their questions.  Others can help us find information on the web like news articles or candidate profiles and make them available to VotersEdge users. (Some computer skills needed).  

  • Candidates Forums.  Help us plan and produce candidates forums

  • Pros & Cons (Speakers Bureau) Events.   Learn to give presentations about ballot measures in upcoming elections.  

  • Issues Committee member.   We have committees to support our emphasis on several issues.  Join us and meet other members who care about:

    • Affordable Housing and Homelessness​

    • Climate Change and Natural Resources

    • Other issues such as San Jose governance, policing and public oversight, redistricting, systemic racism/social justice, money in politics, and more.

  • Communications.  How can members communicate more effectively with each other and the public?  Help us increase our social media presence.  Or update our web site.  

How do you get involved?  Just fill out this form and tell us your interests.

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