Communication to Public Officials and the Press

Letters to City, County, and Other Public Officials


San Jose City Council: Interim Housing in Parking Lot E.  10/1

Transportation & Environment Committee of SJ City Council: Community Forest Mgmt. Plan. 9/30

San Jose Charter Review Commission: Emergency Powers of Mayor. 9/24

SJ Dept of Transportation: Community Forest Mgmt. Plan. 9/13

San Jose City Council: Affordable Housing Siting Policy. 8/18

San Jose Charter Review Commission:  Comments on CRC Work Plan.  8/15

San Jose City Council: About our Study of Local Governance.  1/19


San Jose General Plan 4-Year Review Task Force: Coyote Valley in San Jose.  10/23

San Jose City Council: Charter Review Commission Recommendations.  9/22

San Jose City Council: Residential Anti-Displacement Strategy.  9/20

San Jose City Council: Support Community Plan to End Homelessness 2020-2025.  8/24

San Jose City Council: Support Commercial Linkage Fee.  8/23

San Jose City Council: Support Expansion of Authority of Independent Police Auditor.  8/3

San Jose City Council: Reconsideration of Potential Ballot Measure (Strong Mayor). 7/15

San Jose City Council: Opposing Strong Mayor Initiative. 6/29


San Jose Planning Commission: Supporting the Blossom Hill Road Sr. Housing Project (12/9)

San Jose City Council: Regarding Purchase of Some Coyote Valley Property (11/4)

San Jose City Council: Regarding Stormwater Infrastructure (9/9)

California High-Speed Rail Regional Manager: Regarding the San Jose and Merced Alignment (8/20)

San Jose City Council: Regarding Reach Code planning (7/23)

San Jose City Council: Regarding the 2040 General Plan (6/6)

San Jose City Council: Comment on Draft Green Stormwater Infrastructure Plan (5/7)

San Jose City Council: Regarding the Planning Commission Appointments (4/22)

San Jose City Council: Support of Community Choice Aggregation (2/24)


San Jose City Council: Supporting Green Infrastructure

County Board of Supervisors: Objecting to Morgan Hill Urban Services Area Expansion

San Jose City Council: Supporting Commercial Linkage Fee

San Jose City Council: Supporting Climate Smart San Jose

San Jose City Council: Opposing the Evergreen Senior Homes Initiative

GHG Strategy/Climate Change in the San Jose General Plan Update (GP 2040 Update)

Letters to The Editor


2017 Letter to the Editor San Jose Mercury News: Opposing the Election Assistance Commission Termination Act