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Pros & Cons of Ballot Measures

Before every major election, the League of Women Voters produces a written analysis of propositions on the ballot in California.  This provides unbiased information on ballot measures in clear, easy to understand language. The goal is to help you decide whether to vote Yes or No on each measure. Also our local League holds events to discuss these propositions with audiences.

November 8, 2022 Election


LWV California has published two levels nonpartisan analyses of the eight propositions on the ballot: Easy Voter and Pros & Cons on  where you can also find information about all candidates on your personal ballot. 

Do you have general questions about voting in California?  Check out the Easy Voter Guide which gives a clear overview on voter registration and voting.   It is available in five languages: English - Spanish - Chinese - Korean - Vietnamese.



VOTER'S EDGE is the BEST place to find unbiased information about candidates and measures on your ballot!!!

Results from past elections are always available.

Request a Pros & Cons Event

Schedule a private Pros and Cons event for your organization.  

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