Ballot Recommendations

On election day, voters often face long ballots and are being asked to weigh in on a wide variety of critical issues. Whether you vote early, by mail, or on Election Day, we’ve made the decisions easier. After careful study and analysis, the League of Women Voters makes recommendations when appropriate.

June 7, 2022 Primary Election

There are no state propositions on the ballot in June.  The League of Women Voters recommends that you vote a yes or no vote on some measures in this election.  Read why we have decided to take each stand.

NO on Measure A


The Leagues of Women Voters of Santa Clara County recommend a NO vote on this measure.  It requires a simple majority to pass.

Ballot Language

Shall the measure amending the Santa Clara Valley Water District Ordinance 11-01 to limit Board members to four successive four-year terms be adopted?

Summary of League Position

This language implies to voters that they are limiting the length of Board member terms when, in fact, they are increasing the length of available Board service from three to four terms. Therefore we oppose Measure A on the basis of misleading ballot language. Deceptive language that confuses voters violates LWV standards of good governance. 

See our complete statement about this action.  

YES on Measure B


The League of Women Voters of San Jose/Santa Clara recommend a YES vote on this measure.  It requires a simple majority to pass.

Ballot Language

To increase voter participation, shall the City Charter be amended to: 

  1. Move the election for the Office of Mayor to the same year as presidential elections beginning in 2024, and

  2. Limit the person elected to the Office of Mayor in 2022 to a two-year term with the option to run for and serve as Mayor for two additional successive four-year terms?

Summary of League Position

The League believes that the strength of our democratic government depends on everyone’s active participation.  We have advocated for over a hundred years to improve voter education and encourage an active electorate. We believe passing this measure will increase voter participation.

See our complete statement about this action.

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