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Ballot Recommendations

On election day, voters often face long ballots and are being asked to weigh in on a wide variety of critical issues. Whether you vote early, by mail, or on Election Day, we’ve made the decisions easier. After careful study and analysis, the League of Women Voters makes recommendations when appropriate.

November 8, 2022 General Election

The League of Women Voters recommended that you cast a yes or no vote on some measures in this election.  Read why we decided to take each stand.

YES on Measure I: Charter Amendment -- City of San Jose

The Question

Should the City Charter of San Jose be amended to:

  • Add the City ethics and elections commission (Board of Fair Campaign and Political Practices) to the Charter

  • Remove requirements that members of the Planning, Civil Service, and Salary Setting Commissions be electors and/or citizens

  • Remove gender-specific language

  • Require the City Council to adopt equity values, standards, and assessments in making certain decisions


Summary of League Position

The four items are amendments to the San Jose City Charter with a goal of making San Jose more responsive, more inclusive, and more open and transparent. The four items were all put forth by the recent Charter Review Commission.  We base our support on various League positions upholding checks and balances, diversity, equity and fairness, transparency, and public participation in government decision-making.

We often remain neutral on measures that change more than one issue, as it can be confusing if a voter wants to vote yes on one issue and no on another.  The four items in Measure I, however, are all related in that they are amendments to the San Jose City Charter with a goal of making our city more responsive, more inclusive, and more open and transparent. For additional information on our positions, see the LWVSJ/SC Positions on Principles that Support Democracy (Page 3) and Public Participation in Government Decision-Making (Page 1).

YES on Proposition 1: Constitutional Right To Reproductive Freedom


The Leagues of Women Voters of California recommends a YES vote on this proposition.  It requires a simple majority to pass.  

The Question

Should the California Constitution expressly provide that the State of California shall not deny or interfere with an individual’s reproductive freedom in their most intimate decisions, including the right to choose to have an abortion and their right to choose or refuse contraception?

Summary of League Position

A recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court held that the U.S. Constitution does not protect the right to abortion. While access to abortion is no longer federally protected and is under attack across the country, we can safeguard access in California. Proposition 1 will amend the California Constitution to enshrine the fundamental right to choose an abortion, use or refuse contraceptives (birth control), and make individual decisions on reproductive health. These rights are consistent with existing state laws and our state constitutional rights to privacy and equal protection.  READ MORE

YES on Proposition 31: Referendum on 2020 Law That Would Prohibit the Retail Sale of Certain Flavored Tobacco Products


The League of Women Voters of California recommends a YES vote on this measure.  It requires a simple majority to pass.

The Question

Should the law enacted by the California legislature to ban the sale of certain flavored tobacco products be approved?

Summary of League Position

In 2020, California passed a law banning the in-person sale of flavored tobacco products, like candy-flavored e-cigarettes and menthol cigarettes, at stores and vending machines. Sellers violating the law would be subject to criminal misdemeanor prosecution. A YES vote on Prop 31 is a vote to keep the ban in place. More than two million middle and high school students in the U.S. use e-cigarettes which deliver large doses of addictive nicotine. In California, 96 percent of high school e-cigarette users choose flavored products.   READ MORE.

Other Propositions


See a summary of why LWV California is not recommending votes on the other propositions.

Print a flyer summarizing all recommendations.  

More Election Information

Read our nonpartisan Easy Voter and Pros & Cons analysis of the state propositions for the November 2022 election plus more on VotersEdge. And view your complete ballot on Voter's Edge and find information about candidates and ballot measures.

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