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Lunch With League 

Archive of Past Events 2023

We are posting our archives of past Zoom events on this page in case you missed one.

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Also see our Archive for programs in 2022 or 2021 or 2020.

The Chief of the Police Department of the City of San Jose, Anthony Mata was appointed in March 2021. He believes in building trust in the community by treating everyone with dignity and respect, listening to issues, and applying modern policing principles.  He described his vision and priorities for today and the future and answered our questions. This event was broadcast on Zoom on April 20, 2023.  

New York Times best-selling author Eleanor Herman in her newest book "Off with Her Head" explores the patterns that have been operating for more than three thousand years against powerful women across the globe, including Cleopatra, Anne Boleyn, Marie Antoinette, Catherine the Great, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, and more. What  misogynistic methods have been used to keep women down? Then she answered our questions on September 21, 2023. 

Shannon Bushey, the Registrar of Voters for Santa Clara County, explains why voters can trust that their vote will be counted accurately and safely.  She also talks about how groups like ours can work with her office to get information to help make voter registration drives more effective. then she answered our questions on August 17, 2023. 

Deb Kramer, Executive Director and founder of Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful, describes some of the changes happening along Coyote Creek in southern Santa Clara County and talks about how you can get involved with her organization's activities including creek and trail cleanup events, community-science activities, recreation, and education.  Let's preserve Open Space!! This event was broadcast on Zoom on May 18, 2023.

Ryan Skinnell, Associate Professor at San Jose State University discussed the dangers of demagoguery in "Words Matter: Democracy's Rhetorical Failures" and  what we can do to strengthen our democracy. Dr. Skinnell is an historian of political rhetoric, especially as it relates to fascism, demagoguery and democracy. This event was broadcast on Zoom on March 16, 2023.  

Rod Diridon, Sr, Mineta Transportation Institute Executive Director Emeritus and Chair Emeritus of the U.S. High Speed Rail Organization speaks on "The Climate Crisis Has A Remedy. . . If We Act NOW.  What facts led to this warning? What are the remedies to avoid a planetary cataclysm? How long do we have? This event was broadcast on Zoom on February 16, 2023.  

Susan Ellenberg, the new President of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors speaks about the current state of our county and how we can build a better future.  This event was broadcast on Zoom on January 19, 2023.  

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