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Struggling to feel thankful?

October 2023 tested the mettle of even the hardiest of optimists. The appalling attack on Israel. Another mass shooting in an American city. Chaos in Congress. Rising gas, energy and food costs. Even the 49ers (who many of us count on for fun diversion) lost three games in a row. Some days, it seemed like our beautiful Bay Area fall weather was the only thing to appreciate.

Now it's November and the Thanksgiving tradition requires that we count our blessings. As many of us struggle to find lights of joy, we hope that the League of Women Voters makes your thankful list.

For 103 years, the League has remained true to its purpose through the most turbulent dark days of American history. We will be challenged again in 2024 to protect voting rights, engage citizens in the election, and watch closely for cracks in the architecture of democracy. But the activities of the League nationally, statewide and here in our own community demonstrate that positive action and hope are still possible.

We appreciate your commitment to the principles of the League. There will be many opportunities in the coming months to become more involved and we look forward to seeing and talking with you about everything going on in our region, our nation and our world. In the meantime, we wish you and your family a peaceful holiday filled with reasons, big and small, to give thanks.

Martha Butzier


Diane McNutt



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