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The League on CreaTV: Insights and Perspectives

Because of Coronavirus shutdowns, we have temporarily (we hope!) stopped 
production of new episodes.  You can still see repeats of past shows on
Comcast channel 30.  Below see a list of our most recent episodes below,
but none of the links are currently operational.  

The League produces Insights and Perspectives a topical informative

community service TV production. The series is broadcast on CreaTV,

San Jose's public education station. Insights and Perspectives is shown

on Comcast channel 30, Sunday at 4:30 pm, Monday at 7:30 pm and

Wednesday on channel 27 at 5:30 pm.


Missed the live broadcast?  View our current episodes below.

Unfortunately, none of the links are currently operational, but you can see the expanse of the programs.



Santa Clara County Election Security is profiled in this interview with Santa Clara County CIO Ann Dunkin. Gloria hun Hoo conducted this interesting conversation. (October 2019)

Santa Clara County Adopts Voters Choice. Rosaleen Zisch interviews Shannon Bushey, Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters on the new Santa Clara County Voter’s Choice voting system. They discuss the new process and how Voters Choice will affect how, when and where people will vote in the county. (September 2019)

Schools and Communities First is a proposition qualified for the November 2020 ballot supported by a broad statewide coalition of community, faith and labor organizations to restore funding to schools and critical services and make our tax system fair.  Gloria Chun Hoo interviews Jessica Vollmer, Working Parnerships, USA.  (May 2019)

Terry Christensen, San Jose State University Professor Emeritus analyzes the November 2018 Election results with Gloria Chun Hoo from the League. (February 2019)


Natural Resources and Climate


Anderson Dam Retrofit Project. Rita Norton from the League of Women Voters interviews John Varela, Director Santa Clara Valley Water District, and Chris Hakes,  Deputy Operating Officer on the status of the seismic retrofit project.

Kristin Schafer, Executive Director of The Pesticide Action Network (PAN discusses how their network works to create a just, thriving healthy food system. (February 2019)




Shari Liss, from Ignite, discusses STEM education with Rosaleen Zisch. (March 2019)


City of San Jose

The League interviews Shivaun Nurre San Jose's Independent Police Auditor.  (February 2020)

Lori Mitchell, Director, San Jose Clean Energy discusses how the city is charting a path to a cleaner future with Rita Norton. (April 2019)


City of Santa Clara

Rosaleen Zisch discusses the problems with vaping with Mike Robinson from the Santa Clara Police Department in this interesting discussion, The Truth About Vaping.  (December 2019)


County of Santa Clara

Gloria Chun Hoo speaks with Mike Gonzalez, Division of Equity and Social Justice Program Mgr and Kevin Gaytan, Community Worker at the Santa Clara County Office of Cultural Competency on Santa Clara: County of Dreamers.  (November 2019)

Laurie Smith, Santa Clara County Sheriff discusses the role of the Sheriff's office in assuring that our community is safe for all residents with Rosaleen Zisch from the League. The discussion includes a full explanation of the responsibility of the Sheriff's office in protecting citizens in rural areas. (July 2019)

Larry Stone, Santa Clara County Tax Assessor discusses the process and purpose of assessing and collecting property taxes with Gloria Chun Hoo from the League of Women Voters. The conversation includes a full discussion of how our property taxes are spent within the county.  (July 2019)

Census 2020:  Nick Kuwada, Manager of the Office of Census Santa Clara County and Aisha Piracha-Zakariya, LWV Palo Alto, discuss the efforts of the county to conduct a complete count of all residents in the federal 2020 census and how the League of Women Voters will help.   Rosaleen Zisch, moderator.   (May 2019)


Gloria Chun Hoo interviews Susan V Wilson Chair of LAFCO, The Local Agency Formation Commission of Santa Clara County on issues relating to county land use and planning. (April 2019)


Community Organizations

The League interviews leaders from Somos Mayfair a non-profit community organization in San Jose which supports children, families, and neighborhoods in east San Jose. (January 2020)

Watch Gloria interview Ray Bramson from Destination Home on solving the homeless problem in Santa Clara County. Ray and Gloria discuss the challenges and the successes that his organization has experienced. (January 2020)

The League interviews Janice Jensen, President & CEO of Habitat for Humanity, East Bay/Silicon Valley on their important work in providing needed housing in the Bay Area. (December 2019)

Rosaleen Zisch interviews Carol Stephenson, Community Defense Advocate for Sacred Heart Community Services on their rapid response network. (November 2019)

What's New at the Tech Interactive? Gloria interviews Tim Richie, President & CEO The Tech Interactive on the current happenings at the San Jose Museum of Tech Innovation. (December 2019)


Opera San Jose's General Director Larry Hancock speaks with Gloria Chun Hoo on the Arts in San Jose. (October 2019)

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