Be Informed

Voter Education Programs

We make voting easier through a variety of voter education programs. The League of Women Voters conducts voter service and citizen education activities and shares educational materials about state and local elections.

Letters to Public Officials and the Press

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The CA Schools Funding Act

Closing California’s commercial property tax loophole restores $11 billion for schools, community colleges and other vital community services, including emergency responder services, parks, libraries, health clinics, trauma centers, affordable housing, homeless services, and roads.

Interviews with our Representitaves

Each year members of the San Jose/Santa Clara League of Women Voters interview our California state legislators. Read our interviews and see our elected officials support issues of importance to our area.

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Insights and Perspectives

The League produces Insights and Perspectives a topical informative community service TV production. The series is broadcast on CreaTV, San Jose's public education station.