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Interviews with San Jose City Council Members

Members of the San Jose/Santa Clara League of Women Voters interview our San Jose City Council as part of our effort to educate our citizens and encourage transparency. This year our conversations covered a wide variety of issues including housing, climate change and the future of Coyote Valley. We have published the answers to our most recent interviews here to help the public become aware of their positions on important issues. For your information, the San Jose City Council District map is here

Chappie Jones
 District 1
Lan Diep
District 4
Van Dep.jpg
Maya Esparza
District 7
Maya Esparza.jpg
Sergio Jimenez
 District  2
Magdalena Carrasco
District 5
Sylvia Arenas
District 8
Raul Peralez
District 3
Devora Davis
District 6
Davis 1.jpg
Pam Foley
District 9
Pam Foley.jpg
Johnny Khamis
District 10
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