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January 2021 - A New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

We are all hoping that the coronavirus will be tamed soon so that we can resume meeting in person. Until then, we are continuing to Zoom and looking for Silver Linings in 2021.

We have several major events scheduled. Add them to your calendar and register your intention to attend.

  • Lunch with League on the Third Thursday of each month. On January 21 our guest speaker is Rick Callender speaking on “Why Environmental Justice Matters”.

  • Program Planning meeting on February 20. This is the best opportunity for you to let us know what you think our local and state Leagues should be working on during the next year or so. We value your input!! This process shows how the League of Women Voters is a true grassroots organization.

Watch for a later announcement of our Local Government Consensus meeting on April 24 which is the time for you to tell us how you think San Jose should be governed. The hard-working study committee led by Vicki Alexander and Virginia Holtz meets every two weeks to find materials and develop questions to be asked of all members who attend the consensus meeting.

Are you interested in Bay Area or California issues? You can sign up for newsletters to keep you up to date on League activities at those levels. Use these links to subscribe:

Stay safe and healthy!

Carol Watts


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