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December 2020

Cheers to all of you at the start of this very special holiday season!

While we wish we could be meeting in person to share our friendship, we will celebrate online with a virtual holiday party on Tuesday, Dec. 8, starting at 5 p.m. If you haven’t yet signed up, please register HERE now. In the comfort of your own home, dress up a little (at least from the waist up!!!) and gather your favorite beverage. Then log onto Zoom for casual conversations and some great music from our own Leanne Rzepiela-Weatherly! Thanks to Sandy Mory and Sally Pyle for planning this fun event.

We have a very strong committee working on a study that is reviewing the League’s position on the San Jose City Charter sections related to form of government and representation. Led by Vicki Alexander and Virginia Holtz, the team is conducting an extensive search of resource material and will soon begin interviews with individuals who can bring expertise, experience and different perspectives. Watch for additional updates in 2021 prior to an all-member consensus meeting. The final position will be submitted for approval at our next Annual Meeting in June 2021.

There is no Lunch with League in December, but plan to be with us on January 21 when we are pleased to present Rick Callender, the CEO of Santa Clara Valley Water District and new President of the California NAACP. He will speak on “Why Environmental Justice Matters.” Also note that we would like your input on future topics and speakers. See below for a link to a quick survey.

See you on Tuesday, December 8 at 5pm!!

Stay well and be safe for the rest of this 2020 year. Happy New Year!!!



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