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Consensus: Step 1 to Take Action

We are holding a very important meeting this month to decide whether we want to change our current position on the structure of local San Jose government. Our study committee members have been working very hard to analyze the issues and gather the facts and the best analyses to present to our members on Saturday, April 24 at 10 a.m. Register for this meeting now!

We hope everyone will be interested in this issue and willing to do some homework as the foundation for a great discussion. See “Local Governance Study” for links to a summary of our study so far and background material. We may change or add more information later, so check back later.

WHAT? A Consensus Meeting is the most substantive part of a study. Committee members have worked for several months to educate themselves and to prepare for this meeting. They have formulated questions for members to consider and discuss. Consensus means members substantially agree, in broad terms ,on what we think about various aspects of the issue. WHY? We are developing a position that should serve us for years to come. (The current position was adopted in 1986!) This means separating what we think of current office holders and city staff and focusing instead on the structure of local government that suits San Jose no matter who is in leadership roles. HOW? Our goal is to formulate a position that will be our basis for advocating on local government structure issues that might be proposed at some time in the future. These would be changes to the City Charter that require voter approval. Not a trivial subject!! Will we feel like the early framers of the U,S. Constitution when they were discussing how to define the federal structure?

THEN WHAT? After the April 24 meeting, committee members will formally draft a modification to the current based on the consensus meeting discussion. After the board approves the wording of the updated position, it will be presented at our Annual Meeting on June 5 for a vote of our members. Then we will be prepared to take action when the time comes!

Please sign up to attend this important meeting. Then get the background materials.

See you at Lunch with League on Thursday, April 15, when we welcome Maryann Tekverk, Political and Community Organizer from Save the Bay who will talk about Urban Greening in San Jose.

Did you get your 2nd shot? When will we have in person meetings???

Take care and hope to see you soon!

Carol Watts


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