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Happy Holidays!!

Yes! We are inviting all members to join us on Tuesday, Dec. 7 at 6 p.m to celebrate the Holidays IN PERSON!! We are trying to balance our huge desire to become “normal” and see everyone again with making sure our event is as safe as possible. Join us for food, drink, and conversation so we can renew old friendships and make new ones!

REGISTER NOW so we can be sure to provide enough food and drink.

What are we doing to ensure your safety? With yet one more variant in the air, it is beginning to feel like this will never be over. We are fortunate to live in a highly-vaccinated community. We ask all attending to be vaccinated and to wear masks unless eating or drinking. I’ll bet all of us even have our booster shots! See you next week!!


In October, we lost Eve Orton, 100, who had been a member of our League for over 30 years. Her story tells us so much about her wonderful contribution to our community and to our organization.

Eve was recruited to join our League by Sandy Remmers in the late 1980s, then she joined the Board of Directors. She served on an Executive Committee of three which managed the League from 1993-95. Among other volunteer work, she was also on the Board of the YWCA, past president of the Zonta Club of San Jose, and on the bilingual committee for the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters.

Many of you remember the project she organized over 30 years ago to bring volunteers from our League to the Registrar of Voters office every Election Night to help do initial processing of paper ballots. As the ROV paid a stipend for volunteer work, this raised money for our League. Eve was the “recruiter extraordinaire” when asking members to join her at the ROV office. As one League member said: "When Eve calls, you can't say 'no' to her!" Thanks to Eve, we still encourage our members to volunteer on Election Night.

Gloria Chun Hoo, who often worked with Eve, said, “Eve was a strong believer in our democratic systems and especially valued the role of the ROV… (I have) joyful memories of working long nights at the ROV. We shared jokes, laughter, and community together — thanks to Eve.”

Shannon Bushey, Registrar of Voters of Santa Clara County wrote: “Eve was quite a force and with such a beautiful smile. It was an honor to have her here helping us with elections for so, so many years. I admire her spunk and her dedication. Our entire ROV family is grateful for her service to our community and to the Registrar of Voters. She will be missed by so many.”

Thank you, Gloria, for gathering the stories about Eve. What a wonderful life she led! As Winston Churchill said, "The influence of each human being on others in the life is a kind of immortality."

Stay safe and healthy,



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