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Ready or not, 2022 is here!

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Happy New Year! We hope all of you had a safe and healthy holiday season. Many of us enjoyed getting together in person at our Holiday Party in early December. It felt “normal” and we so much enjoyed visiting with each other. Thanks to our hard-working committee who organized all the food and drinks, and decorations. And now the Omicron variant is changing our lives once again. Sigh.

Hold the date! We have an important meeting for members on Feb. 12 which we call “Program Planning.” This is the League’s grassroots process of recommending and selecting governmental issues for study and agreement in reaching a position. We will discuss national, Bay Area, and local issues and propose our action priorities for 2022-23. Mark your calendar now and watch for more information about this meeting in our next VOTER. Lunch with League – Judge LaDoris Cordell Be sure to sign up for our Jan. 20 Lunch With League when we will welcome Judge LaDoris Cordell and talk about the judicial system and her new book “Her Honor”.

I’m currently listening to the audio version of this book, read by her, and am just enthralled. She describes the reality of being a Superior Court judge in our county with interesting stories, clear descriptions, and historical background so the reader can learn how our justice system works. I admire her honesty, humor, and commitment to justice. I’m anxious to get to the last chapter titled “The Fix: Ten Suggestions for Reform.” Based on the chapters I’ve heard so far, I’m sure two reforms are the selection and retention elections of judges and the judicial recall process. If you want to read this book, you can get it from libraries in our area or you can buy a copy. We will have lots to talk about with her on Jan. 20! Stay safe and healthy, Carol


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