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Who is "qualified" to vote?

I recently read an opinion column asserting that not everyone should vote. While the author prefaced that no one should be prohibited from voting by legislation, he urged people who are "uninformed, undecided, mentally infirm or cult members" to stay away from the ballot box. Talk about a slippery slope!!

It wasn't that long ago that it was thought that qualified to vote meant you were a landowner, white, and male. Everyone else was proclaimed to not having the intelligence, experience or emotional temperament to make wise voting decisions.

Sure, in a perfect scenario, every voter has done the homework on issues and candidates and is making a careful, thoughtful decision. The League does what it can to help voters access information through our Candidate Forums, Pros & Cons presentations, and Voter's Edge. But to put it out there that only those who are fully prepared (however that is defined) are qualified to vote is providing an excuse to not vote -- a reason to abdicate their most significant responsibility as a citizen.

Let's stay focused on how we can do an even better job of educating and encouraging voters and dismiss the notion that only some meet an unspecified standard that makes them qualified to vote.

Election year coming up fast

As of May 1, we are 554 days away from the 2024 Presidential Election. There is much to do now so that the League is ready to provide Voter Service activities when the Primary and General Election roll around. If you are not already a member, please JOIN. Also, DONATIONS are welcome from anyone who wants to support our efforts to empower voters and defend democracy.

Diane McNutt



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