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If there was ever a time to be patriotic, this is it

I was googling definitions of "patriotism" the other day and this one stood out.

"Patriotism means supporting and loving our country even when it's going through rough or difficult times. You still love our country, even when things are not as you desire or you would like. Devotion to our country means standing with it, no matter what, and working to make it better." [Source: Fleet Reserve Association]

I write this message the day after the first Presidential Debate and I know I'm not alone in thinking that arguing who has the better golf handicap is not the best use of a national platform designed to showcase candidates' values and policies. No wonder so many voters are saying they will probably not vote in November because they don't expect to like the options on the ballot.

But this is when the above definition of patriotism becomes so meaningful. The U.S. is certainly going through a difficult time, but if we love our country on this July 4th then we must continue to do what we can to make it better. And that means making a choice on election day, no matter what. These may be the times that try voters' souls but just because it's difficult doesn't mean you get a pass on fulfilling your civic responsibility.

During the next four months, League members will have many opportunities to discuss the upcoming election with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and the community. Wearing our nonpartisan hats, we can focus our message on one thing -- the importance of voting as an act of patriotism.


Diane McNutt, President, League of Women Voters of San Jose/Santa Clara


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