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March 2020

Vote on or before March 3!!!!   Check VotersEdge before you mark your choices on your ballot.  Then mail it postmarked on or before March 3 or find a ballot dropoff box or full-service Vote Center.  After the election, you can find whether your ballot was counted.  Transparency works!!  

We were so pleased to receive a proclamation from the City Council of San Jose from Mayor Liccardo in February declaring the League’s 100th Birthday of February 14 “League of Women Voters Day”!  Think about how special it is to be 100 years old!  It is a testimony to the importance men and women place on a nonpartisan approach to Making Democracy Work.  Our work is more important than ever.    

We will continue to celebrate our 100th birthday with a very special party on March 29 at the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. The event is sponsored by the Leagues of Women Voters of Santa Clara County and will include a special program with presentations and displays about the accomplishments of the League.  There is no cost for this fun and exciting event. Please RSVP HERE today and join us in celebration!  It is a great opportunity to meet other League members in our county plus some elected officials.  Beverages and food will be served. Join us!

Come to Lunch with League on March 19 to hear San Jose Councilmember Raul Peralez, a member of our League, discuss Critical Issues facing San Jose.  Come and ask your questions about Google downtown, planning for climate change, housing, and homelessness. RSVP HERE today!   

Look for a mailing from the U.S. Census this month that will tell you how to fill out the online census form. For more information on our work to assure that Everyone Counts in the 2020 Census, read Sandy Mory's report HERE. Contact Sandy Mory if you have questions


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