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Keep Connected With Silicon Valley Strong! 

The City of San Jose has launched Silicon Valley Strong, an online hub to keep the city informed and engaged during our current health crisis.


Keep updated on current health reports, volunteer to help others, and connect with support organizations. See Silicon Valley Strong HERE

The League in ACTION!

League members are active in outreach and planning activities in a number of important areas.​​

  • The San Jose League is actively supporting public education on the importance of a full 2020 Census count. Our teams are busy working on outreach efforts to assure that every person is counted. Why do we need the 2020 Census? Learn more below:












  How can you can help with the Census? Find out          more  HERE.

  • Should the City of San Jose change its form of governance -- from the current Council-City Manager system to a "strong mayor" system? The League is looking at the impacts of this change and how it would affect our community. See our letter to the Mayor and City Council.  We ask for an independent Charter Review Commission with public input.

  • We are actively supporting Proposition 15, Schools and Communities First Initiative.

  • The Natural Resources/Climate Change Committee continues to monitor progress around San Jose Clean Energy, noting the efforts to move more San Jose residents to elect "Total Green," for 100% carbon-free, and 100% renewable energy. Read more about our Climate Committee HERE. 


Please consider working with us on these important issues. Contact us to learn more about our work HERE.

County Launches Covid 19 Tracking Dashboard 

Santa Clara County has launched an informative website that will update residents regularly on the status of the effects of Covid 19 throughout our area. Check the site HERE to keep up to date on the fight to beat this health crisis. 

Message From the President

July 28

Thank you Mayor Liccardo for recommending
that all changes to the City Charter should first
be studied and analyzed by a Charter Review
Commission.  Thank you, City Council, for
approving this change on July 28!

July 23


The City Council of San Jose voted 6-5 on July 1 to place a Measure on the November ballot that would ask San Jose voters to:

  • Change the structure of our city governance from Council-Manager to Mayor-Council.  This would change the City Charter.

  • Establish a Blue Ribbon Commission to study the affects of this change after it is made. 

  • Change the City Charter to prohibit City Councilmembers or the Mayor from accepting contributions where the contributor would directly benefit from a vote before Council.  

  • Move the Mayoral election to presidential election years where turnout would be higher. 

We have written a letter to the Mayor and City Council detailing why we believe that they should not place this measure on the November ballot.  Essentially, changing our structure of governance  should not be done hastily. 


We urge the council to reconsider this issue and not put it on the ballot at their July 28 meeting.  Instead, we urge them to establish a Charter Review Commission now.  There are many questions that should be answered before such a change is made and they should be considered by an independent group with citizen input.  

Carol Watts, President

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The League of Women Voters neither supports nor opposes any political party or candidate for public office. The League encourages informed and active participation in government by influencing public policy through education and advocacy.