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Activism: the rent for living on this planet

In January, we were so pleased to host Judge LaDoris H. Cordell at our Lunch with League event where she talked about her experiences on the bench and the recommendations she has for improving our judicial system. You can get her book Her Honor from your library or buy a copy. If you missed the event or want to listen again, watch the video in our archives. At the end, we asked her "What gives you hope?" Her answer was so inspirational: (lightly edited)

There's no reason why anyone who is part of this conversation today should not have hope. We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us; those who fought the battles to open doors, to get us the right to vote. My maternal great- and great-great-grandmothers were enslaved. How can I complain when I know that they survived all of that to allow us to be here having this conversation? It would be an insult to everyone who came before us if we just threw up our hands. That is not an option. In history we have always had pushback and then we push forward again. I think the League stands for hope and for knowing that we all must continue to push forward. My mantra is from Alice Walker, the great author, poet, and social activist: "Activism is my rent for living on this planet." Members of the League have always "paid your rent" and I encourage you to continue to do so as long as we live on this planet. ACTIVISM What do you want the League to do? What battles should we fight? There are so many issues and we can't do everything. As a true grassroots organization, we meet once a year to discuss and prioritize the issues that are important to us. On Saturday, Feb. 12, we will meet, still virtually, to decide where we will focus our energies locally and what recommendations for activism we will make to the national and Bay Area Leagues. Please join us and help us "pay our rent on this planet"! Stay safe and healthy, Carol


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